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      Patients of mesothelioma are now utilizing alternative mesothelioma treatment, such as massage therapy as an effective palliative therapy in overall cancer treatment regimens.

Massage at End of Life
Massage Therapy Has a Role in Pain Management
    A growing body of research shows that massage therapy can be an effective part of pain relief and management.
The Power of Touch for Pain Relief: Basic Facts
    Research shows that massage therapy is effective for relieving and managing chronic and acute pain
Tendon Trouble
    There are two types of tendon injuries, tendonitis and tendonosis. Knowing the difference can help you heal the damage a lot faster.
Back In The Game: Four Steps to a Quick Recovery
    A muscle strain, joint sprain or contusion suffered just before a competition could put you on the shelf. Here are some quick fix options
The Promise of Integrative Medicine
    Disillusioned by decades of disease focused medicine, more doctors and patients are now shifting their focus to whole-person health.