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An Overview of R U Sore's Pacakges

R U Sore offers a wide variety of massage packages with affordable rates, below is a list of the mix of modalities used. Please note that we do accept Worker's Compensation and Persnal Injury Insurance, also first sessions are 90 minutes.

If you are interested in ordering any of the packages please call us or use the Online Store.

Medical Massage:
Requires a prescription from your physician. Sessions are focused on doctor diagnosis. Direct insurance billing is provided for your convenience, when applicable.
Therapeutic Massage:
Sessions address on-going, chronic conditions or sudden acute pain or discomfort. Clients remain fully dressed. Many different techniques are used to produce a relaxing and therapeutically effective outcome.
Relaxation Massage:
Oil or cream is used with long massage strokes to loosen muscles, reduce mental stress and relax the body. You are invited to let go, unwind, calm down and breath deeply.
Hot Stone Massage:
Warm very smooth stones are used to massage the body and create a deep, down to the bone warmth.
Pre-natal Massage:
Relaxing and therapeutic for mom and fetus alike. Can make delivery easier and calm newborns.
Couples Massage:
Two therapists, two clients, side by side.
Tandem Massage:
Two therapists, one client.
On-site Chair Massage:
Ideal for parties, corporate and small business settings. Up to five clients per hour can be seen. Multiple therapists available.
Home, office or on-site visits available:
Sample of Modalities Used:
⇒ Deep Tissue Therapy
⇒ Myofascial Release
⇒ Neuromuscular Therapy
⇒ Swedish Massage
⇒ Rocking
⇒ Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation