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You WILL feel better after just one session … Guaranteed!

R U Sore in Brewer, Maine offers a unique approach to body work with a focus on medical, therapeutic and relaxation therapies.

Kathy Jo King, a licensed massage therapist in the state of Maine brings 25 years of practice and experience in bodywork and massage; living a balanced healthy lifestyle and supporting you in achieving your goals.

Kathy Jo's clients include the following:

  • Eastern Maine Medical Center
  • Unity College
  • Thomas College
  • School Districts 3, 47, 49

Rankled By Ankles

Immobile ankles can cause shin splints, knee injuries and even lower-back pain. Here's how to improve ankle mobility and prevent an unwanted kinetic shock wave.

Rankled by ankles

"You" Time

Lack of "You" Time and Solitude can lead to increased stress and undermine health. Learn how to find quality time-with yourself.

Results of the Eleventh annual survey of American consumers commissioned by American Massage Therapy Association:

Wellness Drives Americans' Growing Use of Massage Therapy

Functional Wellness - A Six-Part Series

Part One
Genes and the environment
Part Two
Hormones and inflammation
Part Three
Digestive Health
Part Four
Real Healthcare Reform
Part Five
The Body-Mind Connection
Part Six
Energy, Motochondria and Toxicity

Creak, Crackle, Pop! What Your Joints Are Telling You

Should you be concerned about that sound coming from your joints? Find out what's normal and what to get checked out.

Creak, Crackle, Pop!